Terms and Conditions

The Booking Terms & conditions

1. The agency
Above Beach Cottages Ltd. trading as Cornish Retreats whose registered trading address is
The Net Loft, The Moors, Porthleven, Cornwall TR13 9JX
Cornish Retreats acts as the disclosed booking agent of the owner of the property.
2. The booking
The booking allows the hirer and the stated number of occupants to occupy the property only for a holiday as described
in paragraph 9 of Schedule 1 of the Housing Act 1988 or any superseding act.
The contract is between the owner and the hirer.
The booking is on the terms set out in this agreement.
The booking is only effective when written confirmation has been sent by Cornish Retreats.
3. Payment:
Where the booking is made six weeks or more before the holiday is due to start a 50% deposit + £30.00 service fee is required
to be sent within five days of acceptance of the booking. The balance is payable six weeks before the holiday is due to start.
Where the booking is made less than six weeks before the holiday is due to start, the full amount is payable immediately
upon acceptance of the booking, together with the booking fee..
The due date for payment will be set out on the confirmation details and no reminder will be sent. If the balance due is
not paid by the date specified Cornish Retreats will cancel the booking and the deposit + booking fee will be forfeited.
Payment is to be made to Cornish Retreats.
** PLEASE NOTE** Any bank / credit card charges due to payment method or incomplete payments due to currency exchange rate are payable by the Guest.
4. Arrivals and departures:
the property will be ready for occupancy from 3 p.m. onwards
the property must be vacated by 10 a.m. on the day of departure.
We will do our best to be flexible if these times do not suit you, but you must check with us first. Cornish Retreats cannot
of course guarantee that the times can be varied.
Failure to depart by the specified time could result in liability for additional costs.
5. Utilities, linen and bedding
Cornish Retreats recommends to the owner that the hirer of the property include all utilities, bedding and bed linen.
Utilities means:
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Oil
Inclusion of these services within the price may not be possible with all properties and it is the responsibility of the hirer
to check the property description prior to booking.
6. Pets
Pets are welcome at some properties, and the hirer must check the property description to see if the property is “pet friendly”.
If the property is “pet friendly” the following rules apply:
  • The hirer must first obtain Cornish Retreats’ confirmation of the consent of the owner
  •  We charge £25 per week or short break, per animal
  • the hirer must supply bedding for each animal
  • animals are not allowed on any of the furniture or beds/bedding
  • animals are not to be left alone in the property or garden/patio
  • the hirer must ensure that the property is left clean of any animal hair, dirt or fouling
  • An additional cleaning fee will be charged by the owner if the property is not left sufficiently clean.
7. Disability
Cornish Retreats is committed to a policy of equal opportunities both for staff and clients.
We take reasonable steps to improve accessibility to properties offered for holidays.
We will not unreasonably refuse our services or provide our services on less favourable terms on the grounds of disability.
The hirer must inform Cornish Retreats before the booking of any particular needs arising from disability, and Cornish
Retreats will to endeavour to assist the hirer by providing information and enquiring of the owner as to the availability of
any facilities necessary to facilitate the use of a property by the hirer or his companions.
8. Changing / cancellation of a booking
once a booking has been confirmed by Cornish Retreats the hirer cannot change the holiday to another property without
treating the original booking as a cancellation.
The booking is a contract with the owner to pay the rental for the property for the dates reserved.
If you need to cancel, change the date or change the property Cornish Retreats will try to help you.
You must let us know as soon as possible.
Cornish Retreats will do their utmost to re-book the property reserved; however, we can give no guarantees that this will
be achieved.
If the property is rebooked for all or part of the time for which it was reserved and depending on the rental achieved to rebook,
credit will be given up to the value of the original rental charge paid by the hirer – less the cancellation fee*.
*A cancellation fee of £60 will be payable to Cornish Retreats and deducted from any refund due to you.
The £30.00 service fee is non refundable
Cancellation by Cornish Retreats
In the event that the property becomes unavailable for reasons outside the control of Cornish Retreats or the owner, the
liability of the owner shall be limited in the discretion of the owner to either:
  • Offer alternative, similar accommodation, or

  • A full refund of total monies paid, including any booking fees.
Cornish Retreats shall not be liable for the cancellation.
Cornish Retreats is unable to offer holiday insurance and the hirer is advised to take out appropriate insurance to cover
the cost of cancellation.
9. The Guests’ obligation:
The Guest agrees
  • That the property is let on the basis that it is occupied by the number of persons indicated on the booking form. An additional fee will be payable if the number shown on the booking form is exceeded.
  • To leave the property, including all utensils and equipment in a clean and tidy condition and with furniture returned to its original position, on their departure
  • To use the property in a manner that does not cause offence or nuisance to the occupants of adjoining properties
  • To pay for any loss or damages to the property caused by you or a member of your party (reasonable wear & tear excluded)
  • To allow the owner and/or Cornish Retreats reasonable access to the property
  • Not to sell or transfer the booking to a third party without prior consent and written agreement from Cornish Retreats
  • To pay the postage for the return of any items left behind in the property for which you wish to be returned.
  • Not to smoke inside of a non smoking property and to properly extinguish and remove any smoking materials when smoking in the outside areas within the boundary of the property.
10. Repairs
All bookings are accepted on the condition that the property is left clean and tidy, and that you will be responsible for any breakage
and/or damage to the property and/or its contents. You and all members of your party agree to leave the property in a similar condition as you found it when you arrived, and to behave in a way at all times while at the property which does not break any law.
You are responsible to the owner for the costs of any breakage or damage in, or to, the property, along with any extra costs that may result which are caused by you or any members of your party. This includes the costs of extra cleaning where you and/or members of your party have smoked within the property and/or where extra cleaning is required due to the property being left untidy / dirty dishes etc..
Charges to the guest may also be incurred for the following reasons:
  • excess cleaning
  • avoidable damage to the property or its contents
  • loss of keys
  • postage and packaging for the returning of any  item left in the property.
  • International banking charges
  • The property will be checked within 5 days of the termination or departure date and we will report to you prior to making any deductions from the deposit. Your liability for a breach of this condition is not limited, and the owner may ask for a payment from you to cover any related costs.
11. Liability:
Once we have issued your holiday confirmation, your contract lies between you and the owner of the property. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the property is in a clean, tidy and presentable condition for your arrival. It is also entirely the owner’s’ responsibility to ensure that the property is entirely safe at all times for your use, that the appliances and equipment are in good working order and that all health, fire, safety and electrical safety regulations are complied with.
The agency will not be liable for any act, neglect or default on the part of the owner or his representative, that may result in loss, damage, accident, injury, expense or inconvenience which the guest or any member of their party may suffer as a result of the holiday. The agency’s liability to the guest is limited to the total of monies paid by the guest to the agency, plus any reasonable expenses.
Cornish Retreats cannot be held responsible for outside influences’ beyond our control that may cause disruption to your stay, this includes any emergency repairs to the property, building work in neighbouring properties etc.
12. In case of complaints:
Any complaints regarding the condition of the property or facilities available must be taken up with the owner or owner’s representative in the first instance, who will make all reasonable efforts to solve the problem. If satisfaction is not received, please contact the agency so that the problem can be resolved as soon as possible during the holiday period.
The owner or his representative is to be allowed access to the property at any reasonable time during the holiday period.
No correspondence will be entered into if a complaint is made following departure if the owner / representative or Cornish Retreats was not informed during the holiday period.
13. Other issues
Neither Cornish Retreats nor the owner accept responsibility for accident, damage, loss, injury, and expense or
inconvenience suffered by the hirer or any other person connected with the letting, or to personal belongings whilst in the property
or within the grounds of the property
This agreement shall be governed by and in accordance with the law of England and Wales.
Please keep this copy for your records.